Updates for April 1999

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Welcome to this page. It does not exist....

Okay bad attempt at a joke, but I can't think of anything really great!!

Anyway so today I added a Useless fact, and put some order to the Futurama page, I'm surprisingly almost done!!

A humourous note: there's word that '17 year old' Britney Spears is actually 28... Of course this is news today, so is possible not true.

I really like this font!!! Anyway that's it for today!!!!


Hi there!

Okay so today I fixed the captions to Unsent (when I first did it that one line was covered by the MuchMusic thing). I also updated Eddie Mills' filmography on the Push character page. Also, I added a couple of quotes on that page.

Big update today, I took down all the nominations (it's been like a month since the last applicable awards show) on the following pages: Alanis, BSB, All Saints, DC, Friends, and The X-Files.

And I really don't know what else to put on the Futurama page, but I changed some of the Under Construction stuff, and that's it!


First off; page landmarks: Alanis Discography/Lyrics page hit 4000, and the Eddie Mills Picture Gallery hit 1000. (Yay!!!)

Anyway today I updated the Push Character/Actor page with information about Scott Gurney. I also updated the Futurama page a little, as well as the FAQ. Finally I put up a new site of the week!

And that's it!!!


Ohh the frustration!

Anyway today I put up some more EXCLUSIVE lyrics on the Backstreet Boys page. This time the lyrics are to "Who Do You Love". I put up a new useless fact. And I updated the Alanis news. Now the frustrating bit! I put up the lyrics to the Unsent Demo. That caused the Alanis Unreleased and Live Performances lyrics page to go over the limit that FrontPage Express puts on pages (After a page becomes a certain length, it just stops letting you work with the end bit, that's the reason I broke up the Alanis lyrics pages in the first place). So I had to split the page; into Unreleased and singles stuff, and Live Performances. And after a lot of hard work I'm finally done. So I hope you enjoy it!!!!!

And I hope that's it! Happy Easter!!!!!!


Today (and late last night, some pages will say last updated yesterday), I added a picture of Jason Behr on Dawson's Creek, from www.dawsons-creek.com , I put the counter up on the Alanis live performances page (it's starting all over at 0, sigh). Anyway and I fixed SOME lyrics to These Are The Thoughts, I also fixed some lyrics to Who Do You Love (BSB), and I added a little quirky thing on the Futurama page!

Oh and the BSB lyrics page hit 1000 yesterday!



I Want It That Way was released to radio yesterday..

Anyway so I now have the lyrics, as well I updated the news because of that.

It's so amazing, go see the lyrics for yourself!!

Anyway I also bought the Canadian Joining You Single today, so I updated the Alanis lyrics.

And recently the Jaime Pressly picture Gallery hit yet another landmark; it's now at 4000.

And that's it! Whew! (The IWITW lyrics took more than half an hour!)


All right!!!

Possibilities for Push.... Apparently Push is being broadcast in Israel now, so I put that news and some other stuff up on Push A Little Farther.

Okay today I also added one line to I Want It That Way that got cut off the first time I heard/taped the song.

Finally I fixed a word in London and in These are the Thoughts, and I fixed a bunch of lyrics in Can't Not.

Page landmarks recently: Backstreet Boys main page at 3000, and Lyrics to "Backstreet Boys" etc. at 1000.

And that's it!!!!


OK more frustration on the Push front.... I recently discovered that the Push section on the ABC site has been removed. Sorry.. So I updated the Push news, and removed the links to it, on Push A Little Farther, and on the Credits page.

I also changed two words in I Want It That Way (they were wrong), as well as putting up a news section on the Backstreet Section.

I made a small update on the Futurama storyline, and finally I added two more Useless Facts.


Just a few updates today... I updated the Push news again. I also fixed the discography of the Unsent Demo. I added a quote from "My Name Is", and finally I fixed the spelling of Geri Halliwell's last name on the Useless Facts page.


All right.....

Today I fixed some lyrics to I Want It That Way; I fixed a link on the Alanis lyrics>Space Cakes page; I took another crack at the lyrics to London; I updated the Push news; and I made my best attempts at guessing the identities of those to whom the Unsent letters were addressed, and I put it on the Useless Facts page.

That's it!

Oh and BTW the Jaime Pressly picture Gallery hit 5000 recently (that's 1000 hits in a week!), and my NEW MOST POPULAR PAGE the Push Picture Gallery is now at 6000, taking over from the dethroned SFIJ lyrics page!!!!!


Wow I have too much to do and no time to do it in....

Anyway today I put up a new site of the week==that's it!! I'll TRY to do more tomorrow... not sure if I'll be able to though!!

PS Some page landmarks==recently Push reached 4000 and the DC Character page hit 2000!!


Oh I've had it!!

The Backstreet Boys make no sense!

Anyway today I gave a title to the "Alanis page"..... It's now "Thank U Alanis Morissette". So on that site, I added six pictures from the You Learn video, and I fixed the lyrics to Weekends and No Pressure Over Cappucino. As a result of the name change, I updated the site map. I also updated the FAQ (Nick's hair is NOT a natural colour), and the guestbook signing page.

On the Backstreet front, I have given up trying to figure out what's going on and I'm going with one source, at list it's consistent (if not consistently wrong...). So I updated the news, and the lyrics and everything else, and I can only hope everything I put up is right... In fact I'll put a disclaimer there...

And that's it!!!


This BSB thing is too confusing... I've given up... that information is up there now.

And also I've put up the May '99 Updates page. Hope you enjoy it. As a result I updated the site map.. And that's it!


Not much today==I put up some more Backstreet news, I updated the credits, and I put a counter on the May updates page!

PS I also updated the Links


Hey ya know what it's only been two days since I last updated.. seems like ages... I haven't had the time to do anything lately... so updates will be less lately... I know that's what I said in September and then I updated more, but oh well.. Anyway so today I put up some Backstreet News, I added a couple more quotes from Dawson's Creek to the Quotes page, and I put up a new site of the week (I don't think I'll be able to update tomorrow).

And that's it....


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